Hair Tutorial | How To Create Awesome Hairstyles With Crochet Braids – For Beginners Pt. 1 – 2 Videos

Crochet braids were very popular during the 1990’s and slowly lost popularity at the turn of the century. Now, crochet braids and twists are gaining popularity again.  But, these braids are different from the braids of the nineties.  They are braids; however, many people are confused when it comes to understanding what they are. The name isn’t specific to the type of hair that’s used to create crochet braids.  Instead, the name refers to the method that’s used to add the extensions to your hair.  The crochet method is similar to getting certain types of weaves, in that you must first cornrow your hair before any extensions are added. But, unlike a weave that is a large section of hair that is sewn together onto a weft and sewn in the hair using a needle.  In crochet braiding, the hair is loose (as shown later in the article).


Crochet Braids – Unlimited Hairstyles



Crochet Twists…Waves…Curls



So What Are Crochet Braids?

The word “crochet” refers to the way in which hair extensions are placed into the hair.  Using a latch hook tool, hair extensions are looped into the cornrows of your own hair. Crochet braids are popular because they are much quicker to apply than other techniques like sew-in weaves. They also reduce scalp tension, and the result can look incredibly natural if implemented by you or your stylist correctly. For the most natural-looking results, ensure your cornrows are as flat to the scalp as possible, and aren’t too wide.



Loose Crochet Braids




Loose Crochet Twists


When it comes to crochet braids, a crochet hook tool is inserted into the cornrow braid. Then, a small amount of hair is threaded onto the needle and pulled through the cornrow braid and tied in a knot to secure it to the hair. Don’t worry, we provide a video tutorial later in this article.


Crochet Hook Tool



Crochet Braiding Technique



A Crochet Tool  Is Used Instead of Sewing Needle



If you’ve been thinking of exploring crochet braids, watch the video below. It will teach you everything you need to know about crochet braids, crochet twists, and other crochet hairstyles.


Tutorial #1



Crochet braids are perfect for do-it-yourself people. As long as you know how to cornrow your hair, you can do crochet braids. But it’s important to note that the cornrows do not need to be perfect as they will be covered by the crocheted braids. Crochet braids are an inexpensive braid style and they can look very natural. Also, depending on the style you wish to create, you can install crochet braids in only a few hours.



Tutorial #2

Similar Style With A Different Braid Pattern


As you can see, your braid pattern just like your choice of hairstyle is limitless when it comes to crochet braids.  It’s all up to you regarding the braiding pattern you use to achieve the hairstyle you want.  Of course, your goal is to make doing your hair as easy as possible, so it may take experimenting with braid patterns to achieve the flawless look you want.



Once you master the crochet braiding technique, and the hairstyle you opt for, the sky really is the limit. From spiral curls to deep twists, and even straight hair, the crochet braid technique allows you to really get creative with your hair.


Happy crocheting!

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